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    Hello dear followers
    of God Usopp!

    Thank you very much for acquiring this digital zine.
    During our production of the Women!Wanted Zine, still at the beginning of
    our journey (2020), we did an April Fool’s Day joke about the zine not being
    about the amazing female characters, but instead about Usopp.
    Back then people asked us - full of hope - if that was true.
    It wasn’t.
    We then did the joke AGAIN the next year (2021), except this time was more
    real, and now we are finally presenting to you a few dozen pages of nothing
    but Usopp. …Well, that is not entirely correct because characters never exist
    alone, so you‘ll read about others too - but the focus always stays on our favourite
    We allowed all Alternate Universes and headcanons and ideas except shipping.
    But no worries, for that another zine exists:

    Now, I write these lines on the 2nd March 2022 (a month before we publish
    the Zine), when the first flowers grow again and the birds start to build their
    nests. It‘s normally a time of new starts and hope.
    Instead, after Covid and the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the world also
    faces the attack of Russia against Ukraine.
    Anxiety and fear spikes, and the people who suffer most are the marginalised
    groups everywhere. During planning I wanted to give the option to send
    donations for the free zine, and as always the question of the charity arises.
    The obvious answer would be any of the many Ukrainian funds and maybe
    even Russian, but I want to ask you again to donate to the Malala Fund.
    If you wonder why, the reason is that the Taliban are still a threat to us all
    too, but mostly to the women and girls in Afghanistan. The eyes of the world
    are in Europe right now but the war in the Middle East is still going too and
    can‘t be forgotten.
    So, after you download the pdf and enjoy it, consider donating to the Malala
    Fund or click on this Link:

    Thank you all so much, don‘t forget to take breaks, drink water and pet a pet.
    Stay safe! Stay healthy!
    And happy April Fools Day! Happy Birthday, Usopp!